The Sanskrit word for "light", jyoti represents the light in me that I wish to bring to the world through the way I live.

I hope to share the concept of jyoti through my YOGA LESSONS, RETREATS, MANTRA SINGING, CREATIVE PROJECTS and connections with all the amazing beings I'm encountering on this incredible, maddening, breathtaking, terrifying, wild and beautiful journey.

My Offerings

Jyoti Yoga

Hatha, Vinyasa & Restorative classes– each as a piece of experiential art of the body, mind and soul.

Jyoti Retreats

Ready for some yoga adventure and exploration? Join me!


Jyoti Sounds

Mantra singing with the harmonium to tap into powerful and healing sound energies.




Jyoti Creations

Creating art and design by tapping into the spiritual core.



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